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Reduce complexity - generate attention!

This is what "handmade" animated B2B explainer videos look like...

Why YOU are NOT converting many of your prospects into new customers with buying power....

Imagine how many potential prospects bounce from your offer because you commit one of those deadly new customer killers?

1. New customer killer

Potential new customers will ultimately buy ONLY if they understand your offer and its benefits/added values. Complexity, ambiguity and confusion are deadly sales killers and make every prospect run away!

2. New customer killer

The average attention span is only 8 seconds (statistically proven). In addition, only 28% of the content is read. If you don't manage to bring your offer and your added values to the point in the shortest possible time, your prospect will end up with your competition in the worst case!

3. New customer killer

Potential customers are not interested in "WHO" you are. Neither your "about us", year of foundation nor your company philosophy...
They want to know HOW and WHY you can help them! Don't put yourself, but your added values/USP's in the spotlight!


If potential customers don't understand your offer or its benefits correctly and quickly enough (8 seconds according to statistics), they'll bail out or go to your competitors! You will not turn them into ready-to-buy customers, even if your solution would be perfect for their problem!

B2B explanatory video - The explanatory video agency for complex offers!

What do you get out of an animated explainer video?

More attention.

79% of consumers prefer to watch a video instead of reading text about a product! Nowadays, no one has the desire or time for long-winded texts, websites, dry brochures, product presentations or lectures. Especially new customers often give little to no time to foreign suppliers!

More buying interest.

Around 55% of consumers watch a video before making a purchase decision! With an explanatory film, we not only reduce the complexity of your offer, but also present it on a silver platter. We show your new customers how you solve their bottlenecks and problems and why you are the expert!

More customer inquiries.

A sales-boosting explainer video is like an automated sales representative who works for you 24/7 (even after hours)... Use the short attention span of potential prospects and secure a box seat in their heads! With a video, your information stays in their heads 95% longer!

Case studies of our explainer video agency clients PayJoe


The target group of e-commerce providers should quickly understand what their B2B offer in need of explanation is all about and why they in particular can provide them with a suitable solution to their problem... Bottleneck: time, lack of understanding as well as lack of tangibility.

We chose an icon-based format to reduce their service to the essentials and increase tangibility many times over.

With our B2B explainer video, we were able to address the existing network as well as existing customers in a much more targeted way and massively increase awareness in direct marketing efforts, for ultimately more B2B inquiries."

Age Solutions Germany

New potential customers should be acquired via the website as well as mailings and cold sales measures. Prospective customers should be able to understand everything summarized in a short time and recognize their advantages/added value in it for themselves.

A B2B explainer video that summarizes their service, showcasing the advantages/benefits as well as unique selling points to also differentiate themselves from other competitors.

We were able to greatly compress and simplify their offering to the maximum with a B2B explainer video. It becomes immediately clear why their target audience should engage with the subject matter, how their service works, and the benefits/advantages to you as a new customer."


Gain more qualified inquiries via the website through paid advertisements... More visitors should sign up for a test account on the website. In addition, time should be saved through repetitive explanations in direct initial contact or personal customer discussions.

A B2B explainer video should pick up website visitors and generate more visibility online as well as offline. The offer should also be understandable for laymen/people from outside the industry in order to save a lot of time in the first contact.

The service, which requires more explanation, was communicated succinctly to the point in a very short time and the interest in buying was significantly increased. In addition, everything does not have to be explained anew each time during the initial contact. Prospective customers found themselves in the problem situation presented and understood the added value of the offer to solve their problem."

What do customers say about the cooperation?

"We were able to double our leads after only a short period of time"

Fair Way Golf
We were able to double our leads after a short time and are already actively working on the next explainer video to be able to develop further target groups. Not only the collaboration was outstanding but also the quick success and the positive feedback from our community.... It has brought our concept to the point and explained what is important.
Julius Klinzer
Chief Operating Officer - Fair Way Golf
With B2B-Erklärvideo we found a great and professional partner, with whom we managed to explain our complex product to the point and simply in a very short time. What impressed us about the B2B-Erklärvideo team was not only the professional and collegial cooperation at all times, but especially their quality standards: the team was only satisfied when we were satisfied. Customer and service orientation at it's best! Thank you very much!
Constanze Haas
Head of Marketing - All4Cloud GmbH & Co. KG
We are very happy with the result of our first video! We are already looking forward to our second video and a long-term partnership! The video corresponds exactly to our ideas and was implemented exactly as discussed in the briefing. Conclusion: professional and uncomplicated".
Tino Möller
Geschäftsführer - FutureDat GmbH
Dear Sengor, thank you for the collaboration so far. Your own script design and explanations were very helpful in conceptualizing well-rounded, easy-to-understand scripts with a clear and compelling message in the following videos. During implementation, you were patient and flexible even with multiple requests for changes, while always sticking to your timelines. I am very, very pleased with the results of our first explainer videos! I am looking forward to a long and constructive partnership!
Patrick Riehl
Geschäftsführer - Immotausch GmbH
We were able to increase our leads by almost 60%. The explanatory video got to the heart of our concept and explained what was important. Not only the collaboration was great, but also the quick success and the positive feedback from our customers.
Basel Khalifa
CEO - ItsKeyServices
Cooperation with B2B Explainer Videos was very pleasant and unproblematic. Sengor responded quickly to messages and proved its competences. We are very satisfied with our explainer video and the great cooperation! - from Neuem GmbH
Klaudia Pieczkowska
Analystin - von Neuem GmbH
Very transparent and professional cooperation with B2B-Erklärvideo during the entire process. All questions and inputs were handled immediately and promptly. Starting from the briefing to the acceptance of the final version. Many thanks for the brilliant result! We are looking forward to further exciting projects with you!
Florian Riedel
Marketingleiter - Rummel Software GmbH

Us vs Discounter Explainer Video Provider

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In under 1 min to the explainer video master plan

What does the application process look like?

Step 1.

First you make an appointment, so that we can get a first impression of your offer...

Step 2.

Within the potential analysis (max. 15min) we clarify if and how we can help you concretely.

Step 3.

If all requirements are met, we will arrange a free initial consultation with you. Here we create an individual roadmap for you for the practice.

Where can animated explainer videos be used effectively?


Sales talks

Social media channels

Advertising campaigns



Product presentation


"70% of B2B buyers watch videos before their purchasing process..."

Source: Kelsey Snyder & Pashmeena, The Changing Face of B2B Marketing (2015).

Our explanatory video production explained step by step!

Explanatory video production: Ø 6-8 weeks

Your time investment: approx. 6 hours in total.

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With the help of our B2B explanation video checklist and a separate briefing, we set the foundation for your working script. The script is the heart of every explainer video and requires special attention. We recommend not formulating the script yourself, as a “third party” can explain your offer much more clearly and quickly to a layperson than you can. Especially since we are all “expert idiots” to a certain extent...

Founder & Managing Director of B2B Explainer Video

B2B explainer video founder

Sengor Souaga (B. Sc.)

Sengor Souaga advises and accompanies companies with strategic explainer videos to reach more customers online and to inspire them with their services. His "credo" is that an explainer video should not only look "Hollywood-ready", but must also work! Because one thing is certain: "Design" doesn't pay your bills, customers do!

What distinguishes us at B2B-Erklärvideo is that we attach great importance to fair and honest cooperation and that projects are only handed over "turnkey" when our customers are completely satisfied with our explainer video production. 

We as an explainer video agency have specialized 100% in animated explainer videos that increase sales. With sales psychology tricks, storytelling & a clear benefit communication we manage to create unique emotional explainer videos that also sell. 

For WHOM are explainer videos suitable?

Reduce complexity?

You have an offer that needs to be explained and are looking for a solution to bring your added value razor-sharp to the point...?

More attention?

Your website is flooded with information and you want to gain the 110% attention of potential prospects in the shortest possible time...?

Competitive advantages?

You want to use the advantages of an explainer video and generate more buying interest? Increase your number of customer inquiries enormously?

Why sales-optimized explainer videos are so effective?

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the western world! Maximize your reach and be found here too .

Complex services that require explanation can be understood quickly and easily!

200-300% higher click rate and 88% higher dwell time! #Mailings #GoogleSEO

Up to 80% higher conversion rate. Hit your target group straight to the heart with your message!

Maximum time savings because you no longer have to explain your offer to every customer!

Thanks to the pre-qualification, you only speak to customers who have understood your offer correctly!

"Video vs. text - explainer videos are 27x more likely to be clicked than classic text or image formats"

Source: James Richie, IdeaRocket (08/2017)

Why WE are your explainer video agency for animated explainer videos?

In our explanatory video agency, all explanatory films are made 100% individually , without any templates or templates. In addition, they are all in razor-sharp 4K resolution. We do not offer run-of-the-mill discounter explanatory films.

As a specialist agency for animated explanatory videos as a sales driver, we clearly focus on increasing your customer inquiries. On the other hand, we are not “just anyone”, we are the specialist agency for software/IT/tech and more complex service companies.

With us you will wait in vain for unpleasant surprises. We always agree on fixed prices before each individual film is created. No additional costs for subsequent improvements or corrections.

When writing the speaker script for your explanatory video, we combine storytelling with sales psychology advertising texts. This is the only way we can create real new customer rockets that land in the minds of your target group!

We don't need much of your time for the entire explainer video production of your individual animated explainer film. In total you are only Ø 5 hoursinvolved in the conception of your film. So you still have enough time for your other Prios.

Your personal satisfaction is our most important asset and we really mean it! That's why we only finish the explanatory video production once you are 100% satisfied with your new customer rocket. We'll work on your B2B explainer video kostenfrei Your personal satisfaction is our most important asset and we really mean it! That's why we only finish the explanatory video production once you are 100% satisfied with your new customer rocket. We'll work on your B2B explainer video free of charge until you finally approve it.

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Seevetal (south of the Elbe)

Our location is in the beautiful town of Seevetal. The local community of Seevetal is about 20 minutes by car from the big city of Hamburg.

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